At the end of 2016 the Downtown Rotary Centennial Fund has received contributions exceeding $80,000.
We will continue to accept contributions in January as we give all our members the opportunity to participate further in supporting Downtown Rotary projects for this program year.
Downtown Rotary has already made our contribution to Harmony SD and the leadership of that important project have expressed their gratitude in many ways. It is exciting to see the support of Downtown Rotary making a direct difference in the lives of students who are benefiting from that work.
We are moving forward with plans to break ground in the Spring on Rotary Centennial Plaza. Gage Brothers is working with us on design and production of the seating wall and the Rotary Wheel sculpture that will be among the primary features in the design. Thank you to Downtown Rotary member Tom Kelly for his leadership and generosity in helping us stretch the budget.
Watch for more good news in 2017!
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