Posted on May 09, 2019
The membership engagement conversations have embraced over 40% of the members voices!! Truly inspirational to hear from so many Rotarians who have a strong belief the Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls should embark on one focused, transforming initiative.  Two key community drivers have surfaced:  Mentoring and the Big Sioux River.  These topics will be the focal point of the Club Assembly meeting next Monday, May 13.  This will be a Club Members only meeting to converse more deeply on the topics.  We will have a facilitated discussion, with presenters who are subject matter experts in those focus areas.  At the completion of the meeting, a survey will be sent out to members to cast their vote on their preferred One Relevant It project.  Each member will cast one vote and the voting will be open for 72 hours.  Please make every effort to attend and then vote!  This is a decision that will chart the direction of the Club for many years.