There is a Friendship Exchange to New South Wales, Australia in 2019.  Our District's team will be going there in October of 2019 and they will be coming here from May 26 to June 9, 2019.  We need people from the West side of our district and Sioux Falls to participate.  If this is something you would be interested in, please contact Pat Sutliff as soon as possible.
Friendship Exchange is one of the only International Exchange programs in Rotary that
Rotarians can participate in. VTT is another one. Because of tax laws many exchanges and
scholarships etc are not available to Rotarians or their families. However, in a Friendship
Exchange a Rotarian and their spouse or friend are able to fully participate. The exchange
consists of a team of 10 to 12 people traveling to another Rotary District around the world and
touring there for about 2 weeks. During this time they are hosted in Rotarian homes, visit many
Rotary meetings and projects, and see the country or area from the local's view. The team is
taken to the things that the local people think are important and would like to share. It really
gives you a chance to learn about the customs, foods, etc of the area. Things that you usually
miss as a regular tourist. On these exchanges you typically pay your transportation to and from
the country and for small gifts that you bring for the hosting Rotarians. Then the district that is
visited sends a team to the country that they just hosted and those who participated in the
exchange are responsible for hosting that returning team. Hosting on either side means
providing home stays, food in restaurants some times, paying for entrance fees and providing
transportation around the district. Some of these hosting duties may vary depending on the
specifics of the particular exchange.

Friendship Exchanges are an amazing way to make lasting friendships around the world. I also
think that they are a great beginning to peace in our world as we learn more about each other,
begin to understand each other and build lasting relationships.

I am always looking for contacts in other districts who might want to do a Friendship Exchange
with our district. Any ideas that people have for places to go or contacts abroad who might be
helpful are very much appreciated. Any questions please contact me, Pat Sutliff, District 5610
Friendship Exchange Chair or 605-593-2896