Posted on Feb 12, 2018
Conflict in the workplace or home is costly and disruptive. It can lead to lost productivity and dangerous stress.  Combining a wealth of practical knowledge with high energy and a straightforward approach to interpersonal problem-solving skills, Gary L. Mc Cann is a favorite among seminar leaders. Spanning a 32-year career before retirement as a manager with the United States Postal Service and more than 22 years of management experience in the technical and business field, Mr. Mc Cann brings more than expertise, he brings experience. His philosophy to Think Positively. Act Powerfully. Communicate Effectively. 

Today's Program Highlights
Conflict is defined as "Any workplace disagreement that disrupts the flow of work” per Robyn Short, Mediator.  Conflict in the workplace or home is costly and disruptive as it often leads to lost productivity and dangerous stress.  Conflict attributes to $359 billion lost in paid hours which equates 385 million work days. 
Furthermore, not everyone is in the Communications Business, but everyone is in the Business of Communicating.  To increase communication, it is important to listen without judgement by:
• Keeping An Open Mind / Closed Mouth
• Listen from Their Perspective Not Yours
• Knowing What Is Behind This Conversation
• Practicing the 70 / 30 Rule
•70% Listening
•30% Talking
The roots of conflict are often personality types, differing values, and opposite objectives.  Six barriers to communication are:
1.  Mental
2.  Emotional
3.  The Freedom to Respond
4.  Body Language
5.  Cultural
6.  Environmental
To be successful, Mr. Mc Cann believes that a person/business needs to create an environment that is approachable, considering the power of words (words matter), remembering talking is sharing while listening is caring, monitoring body language, and change how you see and not how you look.  
Mr. Mc Cann is a graduate of the United States Postal Service’s Advanced Leadership Program and a Toastmaster with a designation of ACB (Advanced Communicator Bronze). Gary is a Corporate Speaker with a designation of IACS (International Association of Corporate Speakers). His columns about Interpersonal Communication have been published in the Sioux Falls Business Journal.

He resides with his wife Linda of 49 years in Sioux Falls, SD and has four children, and ten grandchildren.

Program for February 19, 2018
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