Posted on Nov 13, 2017
Jeff Hazard is CEO and Creative Director of Koch Hazard Architects. Founded in 1961, Koch Hazard firm is a leading regional Architecture, Planning, and Interiors firm.  Mr. Hazard, a fellow Rotarian, received his Master of Architecture and Master of Business Administration degrees from the University of Illinois and worked for 10 years with KMD Architects in San Francisco prior to returning to Sioux falls in 1988. Today, Mr. Hazard spoke about the firm's conservation efforts in Downtown Sioux Falls during the past 25 years . 
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During his career, Mr. Hazard has shown a passion for renovating and restoring historic buildings. His goal is to restore the historic building back to as close to it's original state as he can.  Mr. Hazard's first project upon moving back to Sioux Falls took place in 1992.  He restored the 1899 Jewett Brothers and Jewett Wholesale Grocers.  It took five years to renovate and restore this historic building.  
The next buildings he renovated and restored was The Southwestern building.  He described this building as a labor of love as he and his wife renovated and restored one-third of the building themselves.  Other examples of renovation and restoration over the past 25 years of downtown Sioux Falls include Raven Industries Corporate Headquarters, Falls Park Overlook Café, Museum of Visual Materials, Washington Pavilion of Arts and Science, Orpheum Theater Center and, most recently, the Bakery and Jones421.
The firm's work has received five Mayor’s Awards for Historic Preservation and the Governor's Award for History. Mr. Hazard is a member of the Board of Trustees of the South Dakota State Historical Society.  The firm’s work has garnered well over 50 significant local and regional design awards.
Koch Hazard Architects has pioneered sustainable facility design in the State of South Dakota, designing the first LEED Gold, LEED Platinum renovation and LEED Platinum new building projects. With a strong community orientation, Koch Hazard Architects has helped found the Department of Architecture at SDSU and the Sioux Falls Design Center. Past community contributions include the Sioux Falls Green Project, the Plain Green Conference and the Idea Exchange.
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