Sioux Falls resident Mary Mortenson, executive director of Prison Congregations of America, addressed Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls on Monday, June 6, about the impact the national ministry is having on those incarcerated at 29 prisons in 13 states. Her presentation, titled “Changing the World From the Inside Out,” explored the mission of the South Dakota non-profit organization to collaborate with Christian denominations and prison officials to establish congregations behind the walls at state penal institutions across the US.
Program highlights:
  • The United States has 25% of its population in prisons.  95% of those prisoners will be released at some time.
  • Prison Congregations of America is led by trained pastors from the outside and is a 501©3, funded through donations of individuals and churches.
  • Mary is the 2nd Executive Director in South Dakota and negotiates with churches and prisons.
  • Relationships built through the inside-outside contact often translate into an inmate’s successful reentry efforts.
  • Sioux Falls has 3 Prison Congregations.
  • The program teaches inmates leadership, hospitality, ways to serve, to see outside themselves, to respect one another and to solve problems.
  • Contact Information:  Phone:  605-321-0509
Next Week’s Program:
Shantel Kerbs, Sec. of State—State’s Management of Elections
The following recaps yesterday’s June 6, 2016 meeting attendance:
  • Meeting attendance was 78 out of 322 or 24%
  • Paul Harris Fellows attendance was 48 out of 78 or 62%
  • Also present at the meeting were:  1 Roaming Rotarian; 7 Visitors; 2 Visiting Rotarians