A community advocate for inclusion and diversity addressed the Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls, Monday, July 25, about improving job satisfaction and productivity by creating a healthier, more respectful people-focused business culture. “Respect, Empathy & Leadership: Transforming the Workplace” is the title of Vaney Hariri’s presentation, which explored key points from a self-published book he co-authored earlier this year, “Think 3D: Personal, Professional, Potential.” Hariri, 35, a native of Buffalo, N.Y., who moved to Sioux Falls at age 12, is former chair of the Sioux Falls Human Relations Commission, a sales team leader for student loans and nine-year employee at Wells Fargo and co-founder of a business consulting firm focused on workplace culture and leadership.
Hariri’s mother moved her family from the chaotic inner city of Buffalo to a more sedate Sioux Falls after a relative reported that Money magazine had ranked Sioux Falls as the nation’s most livable city in 1992. For Hariri, the culture shock was dramatic. Eventually, he came to embrace his new, albeit less diverse, community. Hariri served 10 years on the city Human Relations Commission. Hariri is a 1998 alumnus of Lincoln High School, where he played football, and a former student at Southeast Technical Institute. In addition to working at Wells Fargo and his Think 3D Solutions consulting business, Hariri is enrolled at Sioux Falls Seminary, pursuing a master’s degree in family and marital counseling. Music is a long-time passion. Hariri is lead vocalist for “V The Noble One and the Knights Tempo,” which performed at Sioux Falls JazzFest 2016. The group plays a mix of hip hop fusion, reggae, jazz and rock genres.
Program Highlights:
  • Mr. Hariri promotes respect, empathy & leadership as it relates to transforming the workplace
  • Satisfied employees should consider at the workplace:  Mental Health; Physical Health; Relationships; Fulfillment/Satisfaction.
  • To have a healthy workplace, employers could realize the following benefits: Engaged Staff; Increased Production; Lower Attrition Cost; Better Recruitment.
  • 75% of employees report they are actively non-engaged at their workplace.
  • Believe you can make a better world by improving how people live through improving how people work.
  • For today, the book is free to download if you go to:  Think3D.solutions
Next Week’s Program:
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July 25, 2016 meeting attendance:
  • Meeting attendance was 90 out of 315 or 29%
  • Paul Harris Fellows attendance was 59 out of 90 or 66%
  • 6 Guests; 1 Visiting Rotarian