Plans were unveiled Monday, May 23, for a downtown river plaza commemorating the 100th anniversary of Rotary in Sioux Falls.  Landscape architecture expert Jon Jacobson and Sioux Falls city planning director Mike Cooper showed renderings and presented details about "Rotary Centennial Plaza," to be developed along the Big Sioux River Greenway, near the intersection of 10th Street and River Boulevard. Pending a vote by Sioux Falls City Council, the plaza will be named for Rotary. The plaza will be developed this summer as a public seating area and river overlook.
Program Highlights:
Mike Cooper, Dir. Planning/Bldg. Services & Jon Jacobson, Landscape Architect, Confluence—Centennial Park on the Big Sioux
  • The City has been improving the River Greenway for many years and is excited that the Downtown Rotary Club has bought into that improvement.
  • The club has raised $25,000 for the first  phase of the Plaza.  The project is designed for up to $100,000--$25,000 each year for 4 years.
  • It will be located on S. 2nd Avenue near Fawick Park, and a walking path will eventually connect to Fawick.
  • The Arc of Dreams, to which the club donated, will be located a short distance from the Plaza and eventually a walking trail will connect the two.
  • Originally, the site was a gas station, which is why the site bows out.  There will be seating, signage, lighting, the 4-way test and the Rotary Wheel displayed at the site.
  • The City of Sioux Falls will be responsible for maintenance and up keep.  The Downtown Club will be responsible for upkeep of Rotary items.
REMINDER:  There will NOT be a meeting on Monday, May 30th.  Happy Memorial Day! 


June 6, 2016 Program:

Mary Mortenson, ED, Prison Congregations of Am.—Changing the World From the Inside Out
May 23, 2016 attendance:
  • Meeting attendance was 103 out of 321 or 32%
  • Paul Harris Fellows attendance was 70 out of 85 or 103%
  • Also at the meeting were:  1 Visiting Rotarian; 2 Guests; 4 members of the media