Posted on Sep 18, 2017
Rotary in Denmark is comprised of five rotary districts.  There are 270 clubs with 10,907 members in Denmark as of September 2017.  Verner Jensen, a Danish Rotarian from Denmark District 1440, spoke about the government, business, and culture in his country.  Denmark District 1440 is in Northern Denmark and has 2,203 members and 58 clubs.  
The government in Denmark is a Constitutional Monarchy which was created in June 1849 under King Frederik VII.  The highlights of their government include free political and religious convictions, free speech and writing, and influence by vote.  There are 179 members of their parliament.  Elections take place every four years and when a citizen turns 18, they are eligible to vote, without registering.
Program Highlights for September 18, 2017
The education system in Denmark is free.  There are no tuition or fees associated with schooling and oftentimes parents receive grants up to $1,000 for their children to attend school.  Preschool is not mandatory, but all children must attend school from ages 7 through 16.  Advanced education is either through high school, tech school, or an apprenticeship. 
The Danish industries are vast, but remain primarily agricultural. Their agricultural systems are modern.  Denmark is one of the largest toy producers in the world and Lego was created in Denmark.  Shipping is another industry of Denmark.  Maersk line is the largest shipping company in the world.  Denmark is also a leading nation in windpower technology with companies such as Siemens and Vestas.  
The Danish take great pride in their design.  Pandora jewelry, Bang and Olufsen furniture, and Royal Copenhagen lead their design.  Denmark primarily designs clothing/goods; however is not a large exporter of them.  Denmark is well advanced in technology.  Checks do not exist in Denmark as banks annulled them with the advancement of technology and the internet.  Furthermore, there is no real mail system in Denmark as everyone uses the internet.
There are four seasons in Denmark.  Spring is the longest at almost 6 months in length running from February to the middle of July.  Summer then takes place for one month from the middle of July to the middle of August.  Autumn is the middle of August through the middle of December.  Winter is short and they are fortunate to only have snow/ice/cold for about a month.  
The life expectancy in Denmark is 79 for males and 83 for females and they attribute that to clean eating and exercise.  
Program for September 25, 2017
Luke Comeau, Family Visitation Center