First off, thank you for affording Dianne and I the opportunity to attend the Large Club Conference (LCC) in Nashville! 
Team Building/Leadership: Awareness, Insight, Action was the theme of this of this year's LCC where 48 large clubs from around North America attended.  Keynote speakers were Julia Reed, writer on food, politics and the South, Joe Calloway, Author, Consultant/Advisor and Nashville Mayor Megan Berry.
Here are a few interesting facts as gauges on how our Club is doing compared to the 48 other large clubs in North America:
  • Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls is the 19th largest club in North America
  • From June 2011 – June 2016 we have grown by 17 members; over that same period only 6 clubs of the 48 have grown more!
  • Attendance – only 3 clubs have less average attendance than ours over same five-year period; in other words, we rank 45 out of 48 for lowest average attendance
  • Club Meals
    • 32 clubs have mandatory meals built in to dues
    • Only 1 club has a lower meal price than our $11 per meal price
    • 23 clubs who have pay at the door option – average meal price $19.17
  • Club Dues
    • 33 clubs reported dues only levels – average dues $510 per year
    • Initiation fee – 46 clubs reported initiation fee; average initiation fee $334.13
    • District Dues – lowest of the 48 clubs
    • 45 clubs reported District Dues – average District Dues $39.78
  • Rotary Foundation – 19 clubs have mandatory $100/member/year
Any questions, please reach out! Tons of great information!
Thank you again!
Vice President
Tony Burke
PS: Dianne is very popular amongst the group and represents us very well!