The CFOs of NorthWestern Energy and Daktronics will discuss the challenges and benefits of operating as publicly-traded companies in South Dakota when they address Sioux Falls Downtown Rotary on Monday, Sept. 12. Sheila Anderson of Daktronics and Brian Bird of NorthWestern represent two of only eight publicly-traded companies based in the state.

Program Highlights:
Sheila Anderson is a CPA and joined Daktronics in 2002. She became CFO in 2012.
  • Daktronics was formed in 1969, and boasted 5 employees. It now employs 2800 people worldwide; 1800 of those are in South Dakota
  • Daktronics invests 4-5% of its operation in research.  The company hires young people right out of college. 
Brian Bird is a CPA and has been CFO of NorthWestern Energy since 2003.  The company is headquartered in Sioux Falls, and has 1600 employees in the state.  It serves Montana and Nebraska as well.
  • The company is 37th on the New York Stock Exchange.  It has over 700,000 customers and a 12% growth rate.
  • The company is involved in gas, electricity, wind farms, hydro facilities, electric generating plants, and natural gas reserves.
Next Week’s Program:
Brian Maher, Superintendent SF School District—Future of the Sioux Falls School District
September 12, 2016:
  • Meeting attendance was 91 out of 310 or 29%
  • 59 out of 91 in attendance were Paul Harris Fellows or 65%
  • Also present at the meeting were:  8 Guests; 2 Junior Rotarians; 1 Roaming Rotarian; and 2 Visiting Rotarians