South Dakota Supreme Court Justices Lori S. Wilbur and Glen A. Severson discussed the inner workings of the state’s highest court in a joint presentation to the Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls on Monday, July 11. Wilbur and Severson, two of the five jurists on the appellate bench, explored “A Few Things You May Not Know About the Supreme Court.”
Program Highlights:
  • Wilbur and Severson are 2 of 5 judges on the appellate bench
  • South Dakota has 3 court systems:  Federal, Tribal and State
  • Qualifications to become a Supreme Court Justice:  must be a citizen of the US; must reside in South Dakota; must be a registered voter in their District.
  • Budget for the State court system is $46 million
  • The judges meet in Pierre once a month and review 20-30 cases.  90% of the cases receive a unanimous vote.
Next Week’s Program:
Rear Admiral Bret Muilenburg—America’s Navy
July 11, 2016 meeting attendance:
  • Meeting attendance was 99 out of 319 or 31%
  • Paul Harris Fellows attendance was 64 out of 99 or 65%
  • At the meeting, there were:  2 Roaming Rotarians; 16 Visitors; 4 Visiting Rotarians; 3 news media persons