While matters involving the U.S. Navy are drawing domestic and international attention with news coverage from the South China Sea and Okinawa to San Diego and Washington, D.C., Rear Admiral Bret Muilenburg addressed the Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls Monday, July 18, about the “State of America’s Navy."  Admiral Muilenburg gave an overview of the global mission undertaken by 540,000 active duty and civilian personnel, discussed the status of 276 deployable ships and 3,700 aircraft and shared his views about the importance of a strong Navy to land-locked South Dakota.
Program Highlights:
  • Sioux Falls was one of 15 cities across the country chosen to host Navy Week.  The Admiral has connections in Iowa, so when he saw Sioux Falls on the list, he wanted to come here.
  • 100 member of the Navy are in Sioux Falls this week to educate the public  and interact with community members.
  • During the week, they will be at a Canaries game; libraries, Falls Park, Veteran Memorial Park; the Multicultural Center/Coliseum, and at the Air Base Saturday and Sunday for the Air Show.
  • There are 540,000 active duty and civilian personnel in the US Navy today, 276 deployable ships and 3,700 aircraft.  The Navy’s view of the world includes the Maritime system (traffic on & below water); global information systems; rapid technology growth (robotics, 3-D printing).
  • The Maritime system involves:  25% (3 million) jobs are tied to global trade; 25% of US manufacturing depends on exporting; 20% of agricultural products are sold overseas.
Next Week’s Program:
Vaney Hariri, Co-Founder 3D Solutions—Think 3D:  New Approach to Maximize Your Team
July 18, 2016:
  • Meeting attendance 99 out of 319 or 31%
  • Paul Harris Fellows attendance was 64 out of 99 or 65%
  • Also at the meeting were:  11 Guests; 3 Visiting Rotarians; 2 news media representatives