After a 27 day trip across 22 states Teo stopped in to share his experiences and thanks with Rotarians on July 18. On the stage, he explored with Rotarians how this
journey changed him for the better and allowed him to grow in so many ways!
On Teo's Facebook he posted this note while sitting in the Atlanta airport:
I still can't believe my exchange year is done and I cannot thank enough to everybody that made my year so awesome and special. After a year in Sioux Falls and a month on the road, I can say this was the best year of my life and I could never be more glad that I did this thing.  I would like to thank Rotary for making this happening and also to my host families and my counselor! I am truly moved by the fact that you opened to me and let me stay at your houses. I made very good friends that I will never forget and I hope our friendship will last a long time!  I will try and make my life from now on as good as this year and I promise I won't disappoint you!
Bill and Tracy Dahl-Webb hosted a final farewell evening with Rotarians & friends in attendance! Thank you one & all for helping promote peace and international understanding, one relationship at a time.