Rotary, Midco present a C-SPAN telecast

Republican incumbent John Thune and Democratic challenger Jay Williams, candidates for a U.S. Senate seat from South Dakota, faced off in a nationally-televised exchange produced by the Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls and Midco, Monday, October 24. C-SPAN carried a delayed broadcast of the hour-long issues debate, which was moderated by veteran journalist Jack Marsh.
Program Highlights:
The candidates made their best cases and stated their positions on 24 different issues in the hour allotted for the debate.
  • Some of the topics covered were:  debt/deficit, tax policy, spending, entitlements, economy, national/international security, US military, nuclear proliferation, trade policy, global warming, Dakota access pipeline, Indian county, healthcare/Obamacare, immigration, refugees, higher education, Supreme Court, 2nd Amendment, 1st Amendment, the Presidency and optimism about the US.
  • The meeting was nationally televised for the first time.  C-Span carried the debate, thanks to Tom Simmons and MIDCO.  Look for it on C-Span1, C-Span 2, and C-Span 3, at
Next Week’s Program:
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October 24, 2016 meeting attendance:
  • 104 out of 307 or 34%
  • 65 out of 104 in attendance were Paul Harris Fellows or 62%
  • Also, present at the meeting were:  3 Visiting Rotarians; 1 Junior Rotarian; 33 Guests; 10 News Media persons