Posted on Oct 09, 2017
Trisha Thunker-Dohn, BS, MS, CWC - CEO/Owner of Well365 is a graduate of the University of South Dakota.  She received her BS in Health and Physical Education, and a MS in Exercise Science - Certified Health Coach.  Ms. Dohn is also certified as a weight manager, stress coach, and tobacco cessation facilitator.  Ms. Dohn has 15 years of experience in corporate wellness and managed care at Sanford Health Plan and DAKOTACARE.  In January 2017, Ms. Dohn opened Well365.  
Program Highlights for October 9, 2017
Well365 is an independent, corporate wellness and engagement company.  Well365 works with companies of various sizes and in all industries to find opportunities to make employees healthier while improving engagement, overall culture, productivity, absenteeism, and healthcare costs.  Well365 provides a suite of services that include health coaching, online wellness portal, and many on-site services.  
Ms. Dohn believes that with individuals working more than ever, it is hard to find a work-life balance.  Employee wellness is defined different from person to person.  The goal of her company is to incorporate wellness in employees lives to help them feel better, increase productivity, and reduce healthcare costs. 
An employee wellness plan means more than a gym membership or occasional fitness challenge.  From group coaching and biometric health screenings to creative health challenges and managed care strategies.  Well365 is experienced in providing resources and solutions in six key elements of well being.  These include physical, social, career, spiritual, financial, and community well being.  In return, this helps reduce the healthcare costs to employers.  
Corporate wellness programs can:
Reduce healthcare costs by 26%
Drop workers compensation by 30%
Decrease sick days by 28%
Ms. Dohn also stated that employers can see a $3.80 return for every dollar spent on employee wellness programs.  The goal of Well365 is to help employers be proactive versus reactive when dealing with the health and wellness of their employees.
Program for October 16, 2017
David Flicek, Avera McKennan Hospital