Paula Jensen, resource and community development director with Dakota Resources, based in Renner, S.D., addressed “Why Rural South Dakota is Important to Sioux Falls” when she spoke at Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls, on Monday, May 16. Jensen’s presentation explored cultural and economic interconnectedness and interdependence of regional trade centers and their rural neighbors in South Dakota. Dakota Resources is a 501(c)(3) community development financial institution dedicated to stimulating financial and human investment in rural communities.
Program Highlights:
  • Dakota Resources was started in 1996.  Tom Daschle was instrumental in its inception. It acts as a catalyst for economic development and a champion for rural vitality.
  • Dakota Resources offers 4 key initiatives to assist rural communities in SD:  Capital Development; Entrepreneur Development; Housing Development; and Leadership Development.
  • 20% of SD economy comes from agriculture; 95% of towns in SD are less than 5,000 population.
  • 44,019 people daily commute to work in Sioux Falls from rural residences
  • The first ever to be held in SD Rural X Summit will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 19-20, 2016.  To register:
  • Dakota Resources contact information:  605-978-2804; ;
Next Week’s Program:
Mike Cooper, Dir. Planning/Bldg. Ser. & Jon Jacobson, Landscape Architect, Confluence—Centennial Park on the Big Sioux
NOTE:  There will NOT be a meeting on May 30, 2016, as it is Memorial Day.
May 16, 2016 meeting attendance:
  • Meeting attendance was 89 out of 320 or 28%
  • Paul Harris Fellows attendance was 60 out of 88 or 67%
  • Also at the meeting were:  2 Visiting Rotarians; 1 Roaming Rotarian; 2 Guests