Lawrence "Larry" Ritz Rotarian of the Year
Lawrence “Larry” Ritz was one of the longest serving members on the Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls, serving from 1964 – 2017.  
Larry was a distinguished South Dakotan, patriot, philanthropist, prominent businessman and tireless community volunteer who was widely respected for his integrity, decency, humility and as a servant leader. His dedication, outstanding leadership and tremendous motivation showed in the numerous imprints the left on Sioux Falls, South Dakota and around the world.
The award is given annually to Downtown Rotarians who exhibit the award principles: "Emanates integrity, decency, and humility; is a servant leader; guides with dedication, outstanding leadership and tremendous motivation."
Joel Dykstra
Alex Ramírez
Rod Carlson
Milt Husby 2017-18
Jack Marsh